Tackle that Spare Room in your Spare Time

Photo Courtesy: Contemporary Family Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers Dumican Mosey ArchitectsPerhaps the last of your children have moved out, leaving you with an “empty nest” or maybe your recent remodel has left you with an extra living space. Having a spare room allows you to think outside the box and maybe create a space that is unlike anything you already have. Sure, an office might be nice or another bedroom could come in handy but why not design a room that you really want; a room that allows you to divulge into your passions and craft? With the help of an interior decorator, you will be able to effortlessly turn your spare room into a fresh area to complement your interests.

Art Studio – Did you once have a passion for art? When was the last time you sat down and sketched? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long. Like most of society, you have probably put off some of your hobbies due to everyday stressors but no more – turn that empty space into a studio where your art will come to life. Your area interior designer can point you in the right direction of where to begin.


Coffee Room – Are you a coffee connoisseur? Maybe you just like the comfort and ambiance of cafes. Whatever your reason, turning your spare room into a “cafe” could be a nice retreat without ever having to step foot outside the door! Incorporate a “barista bar” that will house your coffee maker and coffee beans, as well as a sitting area, complete with tables for when you have work to do and plush, arm chairs for when you want to relax and put up your feet. Still stuck? Browse our packages and see what type of services fit your needs. New floor plans can be drawn-up to redesign your new space as well as paint and accessory recommendations.
Photo Courtesy: Farmhouse Living Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Reading Room – There is nothing like curling up with a good book, that is, until you find yourself unable to escape the constant ringing of your cell phone or presence of other household members. These problems can be eliminated with the redesign of your spare room into a reading room. Align the walls with bookshelves and dress them up with your favorite hardcover romances and tragedies. If you need a design plan to maximize your floor space or wish to learn how to incorporate existing furniture then request the help of an interior decorator; after all, a busy homeowner can’t do this all alone.

Your unused room should not be a waste of space. With the help of an interior decorator, your spare room can be redesigned into your sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate or replenish your soul with its favorite things.

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