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How to Make Your Home Stand Out on the Market with Home Staging

Selling your home in today’s housing market is tough. With so many listings on the market, how can you make yours stand out enough to attract potential buyers?

Don’t get lost in a sea of competitors!

Your listing will stand out from the rest when professionally staged.

Living Room Interior Design

Sell your home faster

Staged homes tend to spend less time on the housing market, since the process tends to attract a many potential buyers before they’ve even stepped foot inside.

How? Photos of your staged home create a first impression in your buyer’s mind. When scrolling through listings, buyers will compare your home to others and a clean and spacious home that’s well taken care of will receive the most attention.

Living Room Interior

Show your home’s potential

It’s essential that your potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your home to see how it fits into their lives.

How can they do that with all your personal (and abundant) belongings scattered about?

Home staging experts carefully cater your home to show buyers the functionality of each area, putting your home’s full potential on full display.

Make your home appear bigger

So, what if we just take everything out of the house? Although it would eliminate clutter and the overall feeling of being lived in, but it may hurt more than it helps.

Empty rooms can end up looking and feeling smaller than they actually are. With home staging, you use furniture and décor to add just enough to each of your rooms to give the impression of ample space.

Moving furniture away from the walls will create plenty of walking space, establishing a clear traffic flow that adds to the spaciousness of a room.

Dining Room Decor

Hire a professional home stager

So, is home staging worth it? The answer is yes! (If done properly.)

A professional home stager can effectively help you create a functional and spacious atmosphere, making your listing truly stand out from the rest.

Transform your home into a vibrant and welcoming listing with help from Elegant Living Decorating! We’ve staged countless homes in the Niagara region, achieving a sophisticated look while reducing clutter and highlighting your home’s best features.

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