Additional Interior Design Packages


This service is created for homeowners who need some decor advice. Need direction in a specific area of your home, if you are unsure of what colors go together, where to place furniture, if you don’t know how…it begins with a consultation. I provide good, better, best suggestions, shopping options within your price range and can answer all your questions.  Good option for Seasonal Decor Ideas also. 90 minute consultation meeting.

The “Look” Package

This package is suitable for any room in the house. It is ideal for those who prefer a hands-on approach to decorating. I provide you with a stylish design plan that is suitable for your floor space. If re-using and re-purposing existing furniture is suitable, I’ll incorporate it, as well, I can source in some new pieces that would complement the overall design. I recommend accessories, lighting, wall color/ trim color, flooring and everything else you need to pull the room together.

The Elegant Package

This is ideal for the busy homeowner who would like their room completed professionally. I’ll provide you with a stylish design plan that maximizes the floor space. The layout can includes existing furniture and new pieces that would complement the overall design. I also recommend accessories, wall/trim paint color, wall coverings, flooring and fabrics. I will project manage your space, ensure the right trades are hired, source the suppliers, adhere to budget and timelines. I’m there to meticulously arrange, stylize and accessories your space to project completion.

The Hourly Package

This service is for smaller projects which might arise following a *consultation meeting. This may include on-site help with de-cluttering, closets, home office re-organization, downsizing, art/ picture hanging and accessory purchases. This package is useful to homeowners that would prefer to track their decor projects on an hourly basis.  Call for your quote.