Four Reasons Why Staging is Beneficial – Even in a Hot Niagara Real Estate Market

Four Reasons Why Staging is Beneficial – Even in a Hot Niagara Real Estate Market

Many times, homeowners looking to sell underestimate the value of staging their home when the real estate market is hot. And with the Niagara market’s average residential sale price 8.8 percent higher than it was last year, we at Elegant Living Decorating want to remind homeowners how much professional home staging can do for them!

There are endless reasons for homeowners to work with a home staging company, and here are the top four for doing so in a seller’s market.

Staged Homes Photograph Better

Nowadays, the majority of buyers start their search for a home online, making the photos you take of your space’s interior all the more important. A well-staged home will stand out amongst the hundreds of houses your potential buyers are reviewing online, making them want to come see its beauty in person.

Staged Homes Provide Emotional Investment

It can be difficult for potential homeowners to picture what an empty home would look like with freshly painted walls and stylish furnishings, but home staging does all the work for them! A professionally staged home creates an emotional connection, helping buyers envision themselves going about their day-to-day lives inside.

Instead of having to go home and discuss if updates are feasible for their budget, potential buyers will walk out the door confident and ready to place their bid.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

The confidence that a staged home creates helps them to sell faster. And less time on the market is what every seller wants to see. According to Real Estate Staging Association, professionally staged homes spend 78 percent less time on the market than other homes; a staggering amount!

Staged Homes Sell for More

Even better than spending less time on the market is that staged homes often sell for more. Why? When viewing a staged home, potential buyers don’t have to worry about updates and renovations they will have to pay for out of pocket; which means that they will be less likely to bid far below asking price.

According to a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp., staged homes are usually sold 6 percent above the asking price. This coincides with survey data stating, “Realtors believe that buyers most often offer a 1 to 5 percent increase on the value of a staged home.”

A smart way to maximize the return on investment in a hot Niagara real estate market, staging your home will help to ensure that it spends less time on the market while still selling at the highest price possible.

For assistance staging your Niagara area home, please contact Elegant Living Decorating at 289-668-7018. Our services will accentuate your home’s best attributes while creating a neutral and classically elegant space that potential buyers will desire to call home.

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